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May, 2019

Florida State Competitive League (FSCL)

As promised last season Florida Youth Soccer Association will offer regional play that will feed directly into FSPL, First Division. This league will be called Florida State Competitive League (FSCL) and will operate in the North, Central, South. As stated last year this is the second phase of the promotion/relegation plan for the State League.

The league will offer an open application for all age groups. Once the application is closed, we will determine brackets (if there is a need for more than one). In the event two brackets are needed for an age group we will promote the winner of each bracket into FSPL. Should there be an overwhelming response we may have a Gold and Silver Division.

North Region:
Central Region:
South Region:

FSCL Dates
August 24-25
September 14-15
September 21-22
September 28-29
October 12-13
October 19-20
November 16-17
November 23-24
February 1-2

Teams will have a home and away schedule. These games will be placed on league dates and it will be the responsibility of the home team to schedule the match. All matches will be placed on Saturdays and Sundays. Schedules can be altered if there is approval by the opposing team to change.

Promotion/relegation will happen at the end of the fall season for 15-19. Promotion/relegation for 13-14 teams will happen after the extended season. The 6th and 7th place teams from the FSPL First Division will be relegated to the Florida State Competitive League (FSCL) and the 1st and 2nd place teams will be moved into FSPL First Division for the following season. Should we have a Gold and Silver Division promotion/relegation will follow the same protocol.

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